Ethereum and Tether Are Flooding Exchanges, But Bitcoin Enthusiasts Are Choosing to Self-Manage

Ethereum () holders seem to be taking matters into their own hands following the collapse of FTX.

 According to data from on-chain analytics service Glass node, he saw $66.6 million worth of bitcoin outflow from crypto exchanges on Dec. 2, while Ethereum and Tether saw inflows of $85.4 million and $6.9 million respectively. it was done. The same source also shows that the average outflow dropped sharply, then rose sharply. Here are the results) The solution does not reach the Total Lock Value (TVL) for such systems. 

Despite likely benefiting from a decline in public confidence in centralized crypto service providers, the total value locked in Ether on the Ethereum-based DeFi protocol hit a local high on Nov. 10. 17.23% decrease from peak.