Bitcoin realized cap declines, opens 'lifetime investment opportunity'

Bitcoin's realized cap recently hit a 14-month low indicating a capital reset in the coin's markets. According to analysts, the market cap dropping lower than the realized cap may present a “golden buying opportunity” and a possible rally in sessions ahead.

BTC realized cap below the market cap Glassnode shared a earlier today stating; “In the wake of one of the largest deleveraging events in digital asset history, the Bitcoin Realized Cap has declined such that all capital inflows since May 2021 have now been flushed out, signaling a capital reset is underway.” Last year, there was a massive increase in the realized cap. However, since May this year, following the LUNA and UST crash, data, “the realized loss experienced by Bitcoin investors across the past six months has been historic in magnitude.” By close of November, Glassnode projected that Bitcoin's realized market could hit a 14-month low at $388,646,856,528.36. Later, it emerged that Bitcoin's realized cap dropped to a low of $340 billion after its actual market cap crashed to $311 billion. Analysts Bullish According to analysts, the current state of realized caps presents a great opportunity for investors to buy BTC. Analyst recently tweeted. “Market cap has fallen below the realized cap, which means a lifetime investment opportunity as the entire market enters unrealized loss territory, which is extremely rare. We proved the point by using: Bitcoin showed a similar pattern in 2012, 2015 and 2019. 

Therefore, Cryptonoob believes the market move will repeat itself this year. As such, analysts believe that the period of uncertainty for BTC is over and Bitcoin will soon enter a long-term bull market. Another analyst pointed out that the rise of Bitcoin is imminent, pointing out that Bitcoin always bottoms out 500-550 days before the halving, with only 539 days left until the next halving. I'm here. Bitcoin's recent actions on implementations and market capitalization therefore suggest that the coin is poised for a strong bull move. The value has increased since this report was written. However, during this period Bitcoin he surged to $17.36K. Bitcoin has been on its trail for the past few hours, but the general sentiment is everywhere that the coin may hit bottom.